Matt Venuti

What a joy to talk with Matt Venuti, one of my musical heroes, and all-around fantastic human being. Matt’s musical journey intertwines with his spiritual growth and he speaks with honesty about the joys and challenges of his life–revealing a powerful moment when he learned to choose empowerment over embitterment.


  • His tour cut short by the pandemic
  • The story of his beautiful song, “Rise”
  • The EVI
  • The “Hang”

To download his music, visit

“The Coronation” Contemplation and Conversation


Edgetalkers is back, landing like the rest of us in the middle of Coronavirus. We use Charles Eisenstein’s essay, “The Coronation” as a centerpiece for a conversation with Rachelle GoeringRobert Bengtson and Jesse Blazo. Enjoy this freewheeling, somewhat rabbit-hole-laden journey in the time of Covid. Is this really a pandemic? What’s the larger picture? What’s more fear-mongering than telling people to stay home or die?