Dimitry Vishnevetsky | From Oxford Capital to Oxford Prison

On Edgetalkers, we’re trying to reach out to a diverse group of people and find out what it’s like to be them. Dimitry Vishnevetsky presents a variety of identities–from Russian-born immigrant to wildly-successful entrepreneur and financial wizard, Dimitry tells his story here, of riches, the difficulties and opportunities of being an immigrant in America and a tragic detour through the United States federal prison system.

Now bootstrapping a media company, “The Vish” is also a change agent for prison reform, based on his first-hand witnessing of the inequity of the system.

Continuing a conversation with Dimitry Vishnevetsky, when he enters the prison system, where he spent 6+ years.

Author: tlejnieks

Writer, podcaster, pro-activist, Mother Earth lover.

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