Mike Hackett – Saving The Napa Valley Watershed

napa watershed protest

Mike Hackett is a passionate advocate for the Napa Valley Watershed and has faced the big business interests who desire more land for vineyards, hotels, golf courses and restaurants at the peril of the very water necessary to sustain those interests. It is a story that could be called a metaphor for our worldwide climate crisis–except it is not a metaphor, it is the crisis. Mike has fiercely stood up to those agribusiness and developmental giants across board of supervisors meetings, in the media and at the ballot box. Despite some setbacks, including a dirty doublecross that affected the “Yes on C” campaign in the last county election, he continues his joyous activism, calling upon the strength he derives from Buddhism, his family and the community working to save the Napa Valley for future generations.

Watershed & Oak Woodland

Author: tlejnieks

Writer, podcaster, pro-activist, Mother Earth lover.

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