Linda Lombardo – “In The Souls Waiting Room”

Linda Lombardo of Voice of Evolution Radio is a renaissance soul. She brings her diverse background, including acting, producing radio dramas, blogging, being a forest therapy guide and a purpose coach together in her new book, “In The Souls Waiting Room: A spiritual awakening through radio drama”, available on Amazon. Listeners of Edgetalkers will recognize her as a frequent co-host, and she also has a podcast of her own, also named “In The Soul’s Waiting Room”, on which the book is based.

In this interview, Linda discusses some key concepts of her podcast and book, including the “3 lenses” of the Human/Soul connection, the environment and evolution, and how they interact with each other to create the ever-evolving list for the “Keeper of Souls Purpose”.

Author: tlejnieks

Writer, podcaster, pro-activist, Mother Earth lover.

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