Edgetalkers Begins

Thank you for visiting Edgetalkers. We are various voices, speaking about various subjects, but always trying to bring our conversations to the edge. The edge of what? Our subjects include sustainability on our planet, the living Mother Earth, consciousness, and conversation as a conscious entity, always with the underlying query, as Charles Eisenstein puts it, “What’s it like to be you?”

Introducing the “pachacasters”, Susan Livingston, Linda Lombardo, Todd Lejnieks, Sue Blythe, and Becky Suzik. We introduce ourselves, talk about our various podcasts and other media outlets, our individual introductions into the Pachamama Alliance and current involvement in it. And much more!

Susan Livingston | www.panina.org | Sequiter Podcast

Linda Lombardo | www.voiceofevolution.com | Voice of Evolution  Radio

Todd Lejnieks | www.toddinasia.com | www.edgetalkers.com

Sue Blythe | www.futureflashproject.org

Becky Suzik | www.joyfuel.org

Author: tlejnieks

Writer, podcaster, pro-activist, Mother Earth lover.

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